What is the most popular men's jewelry?
Rings are by far the most popular. Followed by bracelets and bangles.

What color is most popular, gold, silver, or black?
Gold has made a big comeback in recent years, having been somewhat uncool for a couple of decades. Silver remains very popular though and black definitely has its fans.

How much jewelry should a man wear?
I hate to say this since I would love to sell you more, but less is more. Three or four pieces is a good balance. A nice watch or bracelet. A necklace and/or earrings and a ring. But hey, I'm not stopping you from piling it on!

Is a necklace on a man cool?
A tastefully worn necklace is an appealing look on a man. Having your shirt unbuttoned to reveal it against your chest, or worn over your shirt, a necklace adds a sexy, cool look of sophistication.

What length necklace is best for a man?
50cm/20" is the most commonly worn length, as it hangs over the collar bone and doesn't interfere with crew or V-neck t-shirts and only the top button of a dress shirt needs to be undone to reveal it. If it has a pendant, a longer length is preferable, usually around 60cm/24" so it tucks in or hangs out of a shirt, as wanted.

How do I measure my ring size?
See the Ring size chart

How do I measure my necklace size?
See the Necklace length chart

How do I measure my bracelet size?
Measure around the boniest part of your wrist and then add 2cm / 0.75", so it will slide over your hand.

How do I measure my .... size?
Get someone to give you a hand with it! ;)

What do you mean by Limited Quantity Available/left?
It means only a limited quantity of the item was produced from raw materials available at the time. When the item runs out, it may be months or years before its repeated, or possibly never, depending on whether those raw materials become available again. We do not use the phrase as a sales tactic. It literally means we're running out of the item.

Why does it say Unavailable when I click on Add To Cart?
Every item of jewelry is produced in a limited quantity. It means the size/color you have selected has run out. 

Why do you use US (USA) ring sizes?
Because it is the standard used by the vast majority of ring manufacturers and ensures errors aren't made trying to convert to other countries' sizes, which can be very confusing. Using one standard throughout this site makes it so much easier for you to get your ring size right. You only have to look at how British/Aussie sizing is done, to see why we chose US. See the Ring Size Chart page.

Why don't you have everything On Sale?
Because we price everything fairly from the start. We too could put "Was $99.99, Now $19.99", but we believe you're more intelligent than to fall for that BS. When we do a sale, it is a genuine one, where we actually have reduced the price, but we reserve the best offers for those on our email list. If you want to be part of that, enter your email address in the box below.

Is it Jewelry or Jewellery?
Depends where you live. Jewelry is the US spelling. Jewellery is the rest of the world spelling. But do you know why some US words are shorter? It started with printing. In the beginning, it took so long to do each letter, the more letters they could eliminate, the quicker they could get the newspapers printed.

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