About us


The first thing we want to make very clear to you is that we never make something out to be what it is not. If we say it is Sterling silver, it is sterling silver. If it is cubic zirconia, we do not list it as Zircon, as they are two very different things; Zircon is a natural gem, and Zirconia synthetic. Every description you read is fact.

With that out of the way, we have two main guidelines. They are quality and style. We seek out stylish jewelry, that has the quality to match. 

We want you to be over the moon with your purchase because word of mouth travels extremely fast these days and we are building Zuringa on what you have to say about us. You have the power to help make or break a business and we are fully aware of that. 

Heavy stuff eh?


The real us are easy-going and keen to please. We try to add our odd sense of humor here and there on the pages. Shopping is fun and we want you to have plenty of it. 

If you have a problem with anything or just want to ask a question or even make a suggestion, shoot us a message. That's what we're here for. 

Price matters.

This is another area we differ from the masses. You won't find 'On Sale' all over the place nor 50% off tags, because we price everything at the best price we can offer you, right from the word go.

That said, we do occasionally send irresistible one-time special offers to our email subscribers as a thank you for being with us, so make sure to add your email below.

Jewelry to impress.

Let's be honest, you buy jewelry to impress others. Yes, you buy what you love, but if it were not for others to see, what would be the point of wearing any?

Jewelry makes a statement about you. A wedding ring tells others you're hitched. A cat pendant reveals your love of cats. The jewelry you wear, tells others something about you.

It is our aim to make sure it's something good, so we list what will look good on you and project a positive message about you. In other words, quality and style above all else, because people notice quality & style!

Our stance.

Religion. We believe everyone has the right to believe whatever they want.

Gender/race etc. Everyone is equal.

Politics. No thanks!

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