About Us

I'm Gaz, hi!

If you are looking for jewelry that shows you've got good taste, look no further. You've just found a treasure trove of pieces that your friends will notice and compliment you on. Pieces that if you have an eye for good design, you'll appreciate.

What you see is what you get. That is to say, if we say it is Tungsten Carbide, it IS Tungsten Carbide. If we say it is Genuine Sterling Silver, it IS Sterling Silver and not silver plated alloy. But we will of course also tell you if it is just plated.

You won't find any lengthy descriptions. We're men, we don't read instructions! We look at pics and decide from them, eh? So pics is what we mostly use, with just the need to know stuff in words.

I hope you like what you see. We've kept the site as simple as possible, to help you get around it easily.

Go take a look...