About us

Welcome to Zuringa

Ever received a piece of jewellery that was not what they promised?
Ever not received it at all?
Ever been denied a refund?
Ever been unsure if it's made of what they say it is?

We promise you none of the above will ever be the case with us.

For starters, we tell you exactly and accurately what every piece is made of. We never hype anything up to be something it is not. We also use photos that correctly display what each piece really looks like.

We are a start up with a very limited budget, so we are building Zuringa on the one zero cost asset we do have - integrity. The reputation we build is the driving force behind Zuringa.

Word of mouth is how we're getting our name out there. We cannot afford to have one single disgruntled customer, so we do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied with our service, should an issue arise.

I am Gaz. You can Contact me at any time with any questions. I guess you could call me the CEO, but that sounds pretentious to me. I'm just Gaz, and a great team of carefully chosen manufacturers, warehousers and shippers working together to get your goodies to you.

We are a UK registered company (The Gaz Station Ltd.) but 90% of our customers are in the USA - It just turned out that way.

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