Ring Size Chart

All rings in this website are shown in US (USA) sizes.

Regardless of the ring sizes used in your country, use this chart to measure the ring size that will fit your finger.


US Ring Size Chart

US Ring Size Chart

How To Measure Your Ring Size

How do I measure my ring size?

To find your size...

1. Wrap a strip of paper around your finger, where you want the ring.

2. Mark it at the point where it overlaps.

3. Do the same over your knuckle.

4. You'll have two slightly different measurements. Your size is half way between the two.

Work with millimetres (mm), as it is easier to take a more accurate measurement. If for example, you end up with 57.0mm circumference, your US ring size is 8. (See chart above).


Country Ring Size Comparison Chart

This chart is for you, if you already know your ring size in your country, so you can see your US size equivalent. Example: If your UK/AU size is T½, your US size is 10. 

Country Ring Size Comparison Chart


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Why do we use US (USA) ring sizes?

Because it is the standard used by the vast majority of ring manufacturers and ensures errors aren't made trying to convert to other countries' sizes, which can be very confusing.

Using one standard throughout this site makes it so much easier for you to get your ring size right. You only have to look above at how other countries do their sizing, to see why we chose US.