Men's Minimalist Jewellery

Modern - Smooth lines - Sleek designs

Men's Bracelets

Add sophisticated style to your look.


Men's Tungsten Rings

Feel the weight. Tungsten rings are heavy and highly scratch resistant. They feel good and they stay looking good.


Men's Earrings

A mark of rebellion and a sign of courageousness.

Earrings can add the perfect finishing touch to your look.


Men's Beach Jewellery

Get that girl this summer.

Nothing turns 'em on more than an almost naked man wearing their favorite thing...Jewellery!


Men's Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets show you have strength and style, plus an air of sophistication. Dress to impress.



At Zuringa, when we say it is tungsten, silver, copper, titanium or stainless steel, it really is, and it is solid, not just a plated alloy.


Whatever price you pay for one of our pieces of jewellery, you are getting the best quality available at that price!

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