Men's Minimalist Jewellery

Modern - Smooth lines - Sleek designs

New addition

Men's Black & Gold Striped Ring

Ideal for couples. Choose a different style for each of you.



Our jewellery is for style conscious men of all ages that love sleek, modern designs.


At Zuringa, we tell you precisely what every piece we have is made of.

If we say it is tungsten, silver or titanium, IT IS, and it's solid, not just plated!


Every piece of jewellery we have is beautifully made with attention to the finest detail.


Wearing jewellery makes you feel more confident.

It also elevates your status. It is ingrained in our culture to view it as a status symbol.

Embrace the power of jewellery.

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We want to thank those of you who have put your trust in us and purchased a piece of our jewellery.
You are helping a small team who's aim is to make sure you only get high quality pieces from us.
Whether it's a $20 or a $100 piece, it is the best at it's price.
We want you to have somewhere you know that no matter what you order, it will be as good as you hoped it would be.