Zuringa Necklace Length Comparison Chart

Necklace length comparison chart

What length necklace should I wear?

Before I get into it, nothing is set in stone. You know your own style better than anyone else and you should choose what you want! But like anything in life, a 'roadmap' helps.

The most commonly worn length of men's necklaces is 50cm / 20". It falls at the collarbone and shows nicely if you have the top button of your shirt undone. Or if you're wearing a t-shirt, it sits just below the neckline.

If you're going for a pendant necklace, the usual length is 60cm / 24", so it hangs on your chest.

35cm to 45cm / 14" to 18" fall into the choker category, hanging above your collarbone. It's common to wear beach necklaces and bead necklaces at those lengths. Also, the finer snake and blade chains look particularly sexy on you at choker lengths, as they closely follow the contours of your neck.

From 65cm / 26" and up, you're probably intending to layer it with another shorter necklace, for extra effect.

What width necklace should I wear? 

3mm to 6mm / 0.1" to 0.2" works for just about anything, if you just want a necklace that blends in with your outfit.

If you're wearing a necklace 65cm / 26" or over, you'd go for a chain of at least 5mm / 0.2" wide.

Once you reach an 8mm / 0.3" width chain at any length, you are starting to move into the intentionally showy zone. You want to show how good your necklace looks hanging on you!

12mm / 0.4" wide or over and we'd love to hear your latest rap album.

20mm / 0.8" wide and there's probably snow in the forecast!

Whatever you are going for, make sure it matches the rest of your jewelry. Color coordination is the key to style.