Why try us?

  • We will never scam you. We tell you and show you precisely and accurately what every piece is made of and looks like.

  • We don't do fake sales. We price everything fairly 365 days a year. When we do have anything on sale, the price really is reduced and will return to its normal price when the sale ends.

  • We don't have fake reviews. In fact, we don't have any. Men rarely leave reviews and since it would take 500 just to get 1 review per piece, we think you'll understand.

  • You will never be out of pocket. We always replace or refund when requested, which is rare, so we can easily afford to, without hesitation.

  • If you're not satisfied with us, we're not satisfied with ourselves. We do what it takes to make sure we both get a good night's Zzzzzs.

  • We care far more about the quality and look of our jewellery than building a huge inventory. We will never have one of the biggest, but we will always put those two values first, when making sure anything you buy from us is both beautiful and top notch quality.