What is Titanium Steel?

Titanium Steel

Deception is rife on the internet.

The term "Titanium Steel" has popped up everywhere, when it comes to jewellery.

But let's set the record straight.

There is a form of titanium steel alloy used in heavy construction, however, it is never used to make Jewellery.

"Titanium Steel" in the case of Jewellery, is a term that the Chinese came out with to boost sales, but the piece will have no titanium in it whatsoever!

But the term works great for sales, so they exploit it to the max and unfortunately, many online Jewellery sellers are also using the term, either through ignorance or not caring.

At Zuringa, we only sell pure Titanium jewellery, never "Titanium Steel".

Titanium is an expensive metal. Simple earrings will cost you $30 and up. A necklace, at least $50. If you're paying less than that, it ain't titanium!

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