How to remove a bracelet link using a link removal tool

When you look at the sides of the bracelet, you will see the little dots that are the pins holding the links together. On one side of the bracelet, they will be slightly indented, compared to the other side. Make sure the indented side is facing the side of the tool with the knob.

1. Place the bracelet flat on the tool.
2. Using the screw knob, push the pin partially out.
3. Place the bracelet on it's side in the tool's slot.
4. Gently knock the pin all the way out with a small hammer.

You will see it consists of both a tube and a pin. Put the removed link aside.

Turn the bracelet 180°. You put the pin back in from the opposite side to which you pushed it out.

5. Push the tube back in the hole in the bracelet's link.
6. Join it together and place it back in the slot.
7. Gently tap the pin back in.
8. Place the bracelet flat in the tool and use the screw knob to make sure the pin is fully reinserted.

You're done!

This video clearly shows the steps...