Black & Blue

Black & Blue Color Scheme

Did you notice the new color scheme of black, & blue with white text?

It was inspired by the Vivid Blue Pendant. The moment we posted the photo of it, we fell in love with the black, vivid blue and white look, so we've chosen it as Zuringa's brand colors, which is something we were having such a hard time deciding on! (I'm sure many of you noticed!)

At last, we're finally pulling this brand together and we want to give those of you who've put your trust in us and bought something a huge thank you!

We've done a happy dance every single time. It's been a lot harder than we anticipated, and we still have a ways to go, but thanks to you, we're not giving up.

One quick stat we're proud of. We have a 99.7% delivery success rate to date. Only 1 order has gone astray in a year. The customer was refunded.


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