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  • Ultra-fine Toothbrush - Black Wavy
  • Ultra-fine Toothbrush - Black Flat
  • Ultra-fine Toothbrush - White Wavy
  • Ultra-fine Toothbrush - White Flat
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Ultra-fine Toothbrush

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$14.99 USD

Do you have sensitive gums? Do you feel like regular toothbrushes just don't get into the gaps as well as they should?

With it's ultra-fine 10,000 bristles, this toothbrush not only gets into the tiniest gaps, but is gentle on your gums.

Ultra-fine Toothbrush

Make sure you never lose that beautiful smile. Use a toothbrush that caresses your gums and removes every last bit of plaque.

10,000 Bristle Ultra-fine Toothbrush

Available in both flat and wavy edged versions. The difference is purely preference.

Keep smiling. Be happy!

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