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Zuringa Squirter

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Do you ever feel you haven't quite cleaned up as well as you would like?

More than ever, it's essential to keep yourself clean, where it really matters.

We have the perfect solution, with the very easy to install Zuringa Squirter.

Think how nice it will be to start every day off so much fresher and cleaner. It will improve your day from the word gotta go!

You can install it in less than 5 minutes, with nothing more than an adjustable wrench. 

It is very expensive to get a whole bidet plumbed into your bathroom, assuming you even have the room for one! The Zuringa Squirter is a fraction of the cost, takes up no room and works equally well. In fact it's better, because you don't have to move yourself from the toilet seat to a separate bidet.

It's beneficial to everyone, no matter your age and has two nozzles. One for normal use and an additional one for ladies.

Zuringa Easy Bidet

If you have kids, get them started early in life with the best way there is to make sure they are always clean, even where the sun don't shine. 

Get your Zuringa Squirter now. It really will make you and your family feel so much fresher every day!

Will it fit my bathroom plumbing?
Different countries have different sized standardized toilet plumbing. We will send you the correct size, based on the country you are having it delivered to.
Does it include everything?
Yes, it includes all the parts you need to get it up and squirting, except for the adjustable wrench (or pliers) you'll need to attach it.
Does it squirt clean water?
Yes, you plumb it into the water supply that is even before it goes to the cistern on your toilet. 
What if I put freshening blocks in my cistern? Will I get a blue rinse?
Lol, no! As mentioned above, its plumbed into the water supply, before it reaches your cistern. See the video above.

Let's do everything we can to save ourselves from going through another pandemic.
Did you know, Polio was spread mostly by children to children through feces on their hands? A bidet is a great way to help keep your family safe from future viruses.