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Do The Hokey Cokey

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Are your feet out of reach?

Has touching them become a distant memory?

Do you have to resort to a wobbly balancing act to try and raise your foot within your reach in the shower, only to find it's determined to pull itself out of your hand and put itself back down again, before you even get the soap to it?

Now you can leave them right where they belong and scrub your feet 'til your heart's content, without the fear of going ass over heel trying to get to them.

♫ You put your left foot in, you put your right foot in, you do the hokey cokey and you turn around. That's how you scrub your feet with this...♫

It even has a pumice stone to help with those calluses, and the suction cups on the bottom, will keep it firmly in place while your feet dance with joy.

Tip: Drip liquid soap or shampoo onto your feet, so you don't even have to bend down to lather them.