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Go Anywhere Light

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$25.99 USD
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$39.99 USD
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$25.99 USD

How many times have you tried to get a light to point exactly where you want it, when you need to fix something and it just won't? Many times, I'll bet!

You'll never have that problem again with this little marvel!

  • It sits on any surface and can be tilted at any angle you want.
  • It will hang anywhere and can tilt to face where you need light.
  • It magnetically sticks to anything metal and tilts to suit.
  • In other words, it is suitable for use in any location and situation.
If you've ever wanted a versatile light, this is it!

This simple, yet genius designed light is all you'll ever need!

  • Have one in your house.
  • Have one in your car.
  • Have one for work.
  • Take one camping, fishing, hiking, wherever.
  • Ladies, carry it easily in your purse.
  • Guys, it clips onto your belt loop.

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  • For the model including the mains plug adapter & case, you will receive the type of plug that is used in the location you are having it delivered to.
  • The rechargeable battery and USB charging cable is included.