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How to give a cat a pill

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Ever tried giving a cat a pill??!!

How to give a cat a pill

You've seen the memes. They're dead funny, aren't they? But us cat owners know the funniest thing about them is that we've all been there, done that! Giving a cat a pill, is a matter of life and death, and I don't mean for the cat.

But now, there's this life saving device!

It not only cuts pills in halves and quarters with ease, it has a built in pill crusher. 

One press and you have a pill split in half, then one twist and it's crushed into powder. 

You simply mix that powder into some canned cat food and give it to kitty. Job done! It's as easy as that.

Never be afraid to give your darling little psychos a pill again!

Pill crusher for cats

Don't forget your cat friends. I'm sure they'd appreciate you saving them from a hospital visit.

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