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  • Lint/Pet Hair Remover
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Lint/Pet Hair Remover

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Step back in time.

You've probably tried all types of pet hair removers and while they may do the job for a little while, they become less and less affective or break.

There is a very good reason this lint/pet hair remover has been around for centuries, while all others have come and gone....because it works!

Your grandparents used one of these and so did their grandparents. Your kids will use one too and so will their kids. It's an eternally great design.

Pet hair can be a nightmare to remove from fabrics!

Vacuuming is tiresome, slow, and ineffective and rollers frequently need new sticky refills. This handy tool makes it really easy and fast with minimum effort.

  • Easy to use and convenient size to take anywhere.
  • Real wood handle, metal arms and pure copper scraper.
  • Made to last for many years.
  • Never any parts to replace or refills needed.
Zuringa Lint/Pet Hair Remover
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