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  • Multi-Color OPEN LED Neon Sign
  • OPEN LED Neon Sign With Plug Adapter
  • OPEN LED Neon Sign With Chain
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$49.99 USD

OPEN LED Neon Sign.

Neon signs always look so inviting. I guess that's why so many businesses use them to invite people in.

Trouble is, they are very expensive. You're talking $350 for a neon sign equivalent to this multi-color OPEN sign, plus installation and maintenance.

This LED OPEN sign emulates neon for a fraction of the cost and requires zero installation or maintenance.

OPEN LED Neon Sign
  • Perfect for a bar, café, restaurant, store or even to hang on the wall in your home.
  • Hang it in a window at your business and it very clearly shows you're open, which equals more customers!
  • No installation required, you simply hang it up and plug it in.
AC 100-240V 50-60Hz. Size:  16'' x 6'' x 1'' - 40cm x 15cm x 3cm. (approx.)
Package Includes: Neon sign. Plug adapter. Hanging chain & clips.