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Moka Coffee Pot

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The Moka Coffee Pot is commonly used in Europe to make espresso coffee.

It's so simple to use:

  • Unscrew the top from the bottom.
  • Remove the metal filter.
  • Fill the bottom section with water, up to the fill line.
  • Fill the filter with ground coffee.
  • Place the filter in the bottom section.
  • Screw the top section on.
  • Put the pot on the stove.
  • When you hear it make gurgling sounds, take it off the heat immediately.
  • You now have delicious pot of espresso coffee!
Moka Coffee Pot

If you want a more regular type coffee that you can add milk to, simply grind the beans courser.

If you just want a decent cup of java and you're not bothered with savoring the aroma and all that jazz, the Moka Pot is about as easy, cheap and fast as you can get your fix.

You can even use it to make a cappuccino if you use it with an Electric Frother

Can't beat it for camping & fishing too!

Note. Not for use on an electric stove.