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  • Magnetic Big Knob Timer
  • Magnetic kitchen timer
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  • Mechanical magnetic kitchen timer
  • 60 minute mechanical timer
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Big Knob Timer

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Burnt the dinner again? Boiled the water dry? Want to see the beginning of that show that's on in 20 minutes, that you're gonna forget? Trying to cut down smoking by lengthening the gaps?

Timers have many uses, not just for cooking.

But try and find one that looks and feels really good. It ain't easy, and anyone whose used a timer knows, the feel of it greatly influences how much it gets used. Am I right? Or is it just me?

It feels good to use, but it also looks dead cool and it has a magnetic back to stick it on the fridge or microwave or magnetic whiteboard or on your car, if you get the urge.

Look at all these uses...

Zuringa Big Knob Timer

Yeah I know your phone has a timer, but it just ain't the same as the hands on experience of this sleek timer and with this, it don't matter if you've got greasy fingers.

Guys love the feel of the big knob, like the one on their hi-fi system and gals, well....