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Magic Fire Powder

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$11.99 USD
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$17.99 USD
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$11.99 USD

Get brilliant colours from your garden fire, fireplace, wood burning stove or campfire. 

Fire is magical to watch as it is, but you ain't seen nothing yet!

Prepare to be stunned by the amazing green, blue, purple, yellow and red flames, as they dance before your eyes and create an experience that will (forgive the pun) be burned into your memory.

Each pack contains a variety of elements that when heated in a fire, give off all the colours of the rainbow.

Invite your friends or family around one summer evening and delight them with this unique experience most will never have seen before, but never forget, once they have!

They'll be reminding each other of the magical evening you gave them for years to come.

If you thought there was no magic left in this world, you are going to be proven wrong. Try it and you'll see!


Since this item only costs us a few cents more to mail 5, than it does to mail 1, we can pass the saving on to you!

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Please allow 14 to 21 days for delivery.

Pack: 30g / 1.06 oz.

You throw an unopened pack onto the fire and it will last for over an hour. 

Warning! Do not cook over the coloured flames. While they are harmless to you (well, as harmless as fire can be), food could absorb the gasses given off by the elements, which are harmful if swallowed. Please read the cautionary warnings on the back of the pack, before use.