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Den Building Kit

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Get your kids off their mindless electronics

Get them using their hands and minds to learn the concept of three know, the world we actually live in. Not that two dimensional screen they're glued to!

It will teach them the basics of how things are constructed. They'll be able to use their imagination to get creative with their dens. 

Every kid loves a den! You did, didn't you?

    • It lets boys pretend they are in a cave or a fort or a rocket or pirate ship.
    • Girls will love inviting friends to their tea parties in their own little house, or be a princess in a castle.
    • Or maybe they can play Cowboys and Indians in a teepee. (Sorry, but Cowboys and Native Americans doesn't have quite the same ring to it!)

It's an excellent hands on educational toy.

  • They'll learn valuable skills that are needed throughout life, like design, architecture, construction, load bearing, gravitational effects, angles, shapes that work best, team work, communication.
  • Watch your kids plan their projects and solve problems on their own. 

It is suitable for indoors and outdoors and the luminous version will glow once the sun sets, adding a whole new dimension to their excitement.

Choose from the standard set or the glow in the dark set. Both are 100 piece sets with 64 rods & 36 balls. You just supply the sheet for them to cover their den.

They make great presents at any time of the year, for boys and girls.

Take advantage of our quantity discounts. 

Just think of the possibilities with more than one set!

Yup, you're thinking what you could build yourself, ain't ya?

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