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Cooking Oil Strainer

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Don’t waste your bacon grease or cooking oil. Save it to use again, with this stylish kitchen oil strainer.

Made from food grade material with non-stick coating. It features a removable mesh filter to trap the tiniest piece of food, so you can safely reuse the frying oil.

It’s perfect for home or restaurants, and for multiple types of straining.

Cooking Oil Strainer
  • The oil container, lid & tray are made from rustproof aluminum. 
  • The fine mesh strainer is made from stainless steel.
  • The handle is made from anti-scold Bakelite.
Cooking Oil Strainer Colors
  • Use for cooking oil, bacon grease, fat, hot oil and so on.
  • Easy to clean. Wide mouth design. Detachable parts. Rounded edges.
Cooking Oil Strainers

Size: 8" x 7" - 20cm x 18cm.
Capacity: 1.7L