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Leaf Cat Bed

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$39.99 USD
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$39.99 USD
  • Aren't these just the cutest cat beds?
  • Shaped like leaves. They're a different color on each side.
  • Fashionable, comfortable and warm.

Get your cat off your mouse arm. Put one of these on your desk next to you and finally, you can have use of that arm again!

Does your cat post messages like this? ''''''''/ //////mm mmkkkkmm nnnnnjjjjjjjj-!!!!!!! He/she is trying to tell you a soft bed right next to your laptop would be perfect.

Each of the leaves is the two colors shown.
Size: Green Leaf 27" x 20" / 68cm x 50cm.
Size: Fan Leaf 28" x 24" / 71cm x 62cm.