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Burr Coffee Grinder

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$96.99 USD
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$96.99 USD

That coffee blend you like is expensive, so the last thing you want to do is lose it's flavor by not grinding it properly.

The quality of the parts in a grinder are essential to how uniform it will grind the beans. An uneven grind will spoil your coffee every time.

You need a grinder with high precision, well fitted parts to make sure all of the beans are ground equally.

Sure you can buy cheaper, but the play in the moving parts will give you an uneven grind. You simply don't get precision parts in a low cost grinder. You gets what you pays for!

  • Aluminum alloy body.
  • Precision grinding wheel.
  • Adjustable from fine to coarse grind.
  • Strong handle.
  • Includes gift box, cleaning brush, instructions.

Perfect for use with our Drip Coffee Maker  

This is also the lowest cost grinder capable of grinding beans fine enough to make espresso. 

Footnote. If you have one of those electric blade grinders, throw it away. You are ruining your coffee beans. It is simply too violent and instead of grinding the beans, its tearing them to shreds, preventing the flavor from being released in the manner it should be. Actually, don't throw it out, it will make a good spice grinder.