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  • Saddle mount smart bicycle brake light
  • Seat post mount smart bicycle brake light
  • Saddle & seat mount smart bicycle brake light
  • Smart bicycle rear brake light
  • Smart bicycle rear light with brake light
  • Easy fit smart bicycle brake light
  • Easy remove smart bicycle brake light
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Smart Brake Rear Bike Light

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$39.99 USD
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$39.99 USD

Wish traffic could tell when you're braking?

Forget to turn your rear light on?

Forget to turn it off and drain the battery?

This high quality rear bike light automatically senses when you brake and shines brighter. It also senses movement and turns on when you mount your bike, then turns off after 30 seconds of no movement.

It does it all by itself. You don't need to do anything but ride and know your smart rear light is taking care of everything behind you, keeping you safe.

  • Fast USB charging 400mAh battery.
  • Waterproof.
  • 4 light modes.
Zuringa Smart bicycle brake light

The saddle mount is designed to stay in place and you unscrew the light or take the saddle with you, so it doesn't get stolen.

The seat post mount is easily removeable by unhooking the strap, to take the whole light unit with you.