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Atomizer Spray Nozzle

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The easy way to water your plants

Large flow atomization (atomization = the act or process of reducing a substance to fine particles or spraywhich makes watering plants far more effective.

Equipped with an adjustable misting nozzles that allow you to control the spray pressure, width, and distance.

You will be surprised how much time it will save you, when watering your garden, compared to a regular nozzle. 

Atomization is important, for better irrigation, as it soaks the soil, without it running off the top and gives your plants a good, all over soaking.

Dense, fine spray won't damage your flowers and vegetables. 

  • Perfect for young and delicate plants.
  • Ideal for landscaped gardens.
  • Gets the job done faster.
  • Adjustable flow nozzles.
Atomizer Spray Nozzle
Simply connect it to your hose and you're good to go.
Fits all standard hose sizes. Ring clip included.