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Shovel It In

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Instantly impress your guests with these super cool, OMG I've gotta have them, shovel shaped spoons! Or just enjoy having something uniquely different yourself.

  • Dig into your favorite cake or fruit. 
  • Shovel in the sugar.
  • Made from high quality stainless steel.
  • Beautiful high gloss finish.
  • A delight to hold in your hand.
Shovel & Spade Spoons

Kids absolutely love eating with them!

If you've having trouble getting your kids to eat their peas, give them a shovel and make it fun for them.

Of course, cake will never be a problem for them, nor you to dig into!

Spade Spoons

Do you know a landscape gardener or someone who's passionate about gardening? They will love them!

They are also perfect for succulent gardening!

Put one on your keyring, so you've always got a spoon handy.

  • 4 piece set of shovels or spoons.
  • 6 inches (5.5cm) long. 1.3 inches (33.4cm) wide.

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