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SAD syndrome relief

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Do grey skies get you down?

If you suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) you dread gray days. You look out the window and it's either gray or bright white, but not a nice white, a totally colorless, all encompassing depressing white.

I suffer severely from it, so I know what it's like. But I have found one thing that helps and that is not just lighting my home up, but lighting it up with bright colors. 

We crave color!

Bright lighting is not enough. It needs to be colorful. Whether you realize it or not, you are someone who has to have vivid color around you, all of the time. But gray days take that away from you and you sink into a depression. 

Recent studies on SAD have highlighted the importance of bright, colorful lighting, especially in the first hour after you wake up.

The thing I love about this lamp is that you get a highly concentrated splash of bright color that your eyes are drawn to, thus feeding your brain with the much needed nourishment us sufferers crave.

I have the thing on day and night, through times when the skies are gray. 

I bet you are highly attracted to flames, aren't you? Sadly almost none of us have open fire places anymore. They were a great source of relief of SAD. But this is the next best thing. The bright, colorful light it gives off to make you feel safe, warm and cozy, not cold and afraid.

If you suffer from SAD, you know exactly what I mean, but you may not have realized how easily you can combat that feeling and get your day off to a bright start.

Just so you know what you're getting from us....

You may have seen what looks like this lamp cheaper elsewhere online, but this is the top of the line version with 16 different colors you can change between, at the press of a button or have change by themselves.  It also has a glass lens, not a plastic one like the cheaper models and it is larger too. The lens housing is aluminum to dissipate heat better and greatly extend the LED life, plus it has a metal base, as opposed to all of those parts being plastic on cheaper models. 

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Note. The remote control requires 2 AAA batteries. Not supplied.

Color changing. Multiple modes. Dimming. Color changing. Timing function. Music rhythm etc.

It has a USB cable and plug, with an on/off switch, so you can easily use it anywhere and everywhere. 


Please allow 14 to 21 days for delivery.

60 day money back, no questions asked guarantee. If it doesn't help you, we give you your money back. You have nothing to lose by trying and by trying, you may never be SAD again!