What size is a cup of coffee? 

How long is a piece of string?

But just to give you a rough guide....

An espresso is about 120ml (4 fl oz).
A cup of coffee is about 240ml (8 fl oz).
A mug of coffee is about 360ml (12 fl oz).

What should I be using to grind coffee?

The absolute minimum you need to properly grind coffee beans, is a burr grinder. Grinders can cost thousands of dollars and much of that cost depends on the accuracy of the burr. The burr being the part that does the grinding.

However, even the lowest cost burr is a precision piece of engineering, hence the near $100 price tag of the model we offer, which is the minimum you need!

Sure you can buy much cheaper grinders, but they do not uniformly grind the beans, and that being the most important aspect of grinding, you will get far from the best out of them.

Your grinder is the holy grail that holds the elixir of life. Don't skimp on it!

What is a barista?

You may have seen the word pop up here and there. A barista is a person who is trained in the art of coffee making and serving.