We are not in business to profiteer! Being human, like you, we don't even like the word. We shop for stuff too you know, and we don't like feeling we've been had any more than you do!

So where do we fit in with pricing?

Surprisingly favorable, considering there are much bigger jewelry retailers than us. But that is because we keep the price as fair as we possibly can, but to still make some profit of course...but a fair profit, not an exorbitant one.

Our prices are comparable to Amazon and are definitely lower than some similar websites to ours. But there are undoubtedly cheaper places too, there always are.

You must have heard the saying "You gets what you pays for." and cheapest is usually just that. The piece of jewelry may look identical, but will be made from lower quality materials and you won't get good service.

That is one thing we promise you. Our service is second to none. We follow through on every query or concern and will always make sure you are satisfied at the end of the day. We refund or replace, always!