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The Perfect Men's Travel Clutch Wallet

The Perfect Men's Travel Clutch Wallet

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Solve that everyday problem of where to put everything you have to carry.

The amount of stuff we guys have to cart around these days is a pain in the reverse, but nothing seems to fit the bill to make it easier.

The very first thing I want is somewhere to put my phone, but where I can whip it out in a flash when it rings. This clutch wallet has exactly that...a pocket on the side with a magnetic quick flap. In and out no problem! Without that essential first feature, what's the point?

Ah, so you're flash. You went for one of those cool pop up wallets did ya? Well I got news for you buddy, you still gotta carry it and your phone and cash and ID, notepad, pen, mints, balloons etc. Where you gonna put all that? 

Bulges should only be in one place, not in your pockets. That ain't gonna turn no one on!

The Perfect Clutch Wallet

I've been searching for the right clutch wallet for a long time. One that is simple, easy to use, with clean lines, not too big and not too small, and ain't some cheap PU leather, but real leather. Leather lasts years longer. That makes it an investment.

The Perfect Clutch Wallet

Stop dropping everything every time you go out, (except hopefully your pants!) pile it all in this perfectly designed clutch wallet.

Don't keep thinking, I really should get something for all my stuff.

Get it now! 

Material: Leather.
Length: 21.5cm / 8½".
Width: 12cm / 4¾"
Height: 5cm / 2".



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