What type of jewellery is best for men?

Men's Rings

A ring is a great place to start if you're new to wearing jewellery.

Choose a minimalist, single colour wedding band style design that will give you a feel for wearing one, without you feeling overly conscious of your new accessory.

It will also work well in any situation, from casual to business.

Men's Leather Bracelets

Leather Bracelets
For a casual, slightly rugged look, try adding a leather bracelet to your get up. Leather bracelets come in a variety of styles, from braided designs to simple cuffs.

Choose a bracelet that complements your personal style and pairs well with your existing accessories. Leather bracelets add a touch of masculinity and can be worn alone or stacked with other wrist wear for added impact.

Snake Chain Necklace

Chain Necklaces
Chain necklaces are a versatile addition to any man's jewellery collection.

Whether you prefer a chunky Cuban link chain or a delicate snake chain, there's a style to suit every taste.

Layer multiple chains of varying lengths for a stylish and on-trend look. Stainless steel and especially titanium are great if you lead an active lifestyle.

If your out to look sexy, blade chain necklaces cling to the form of your body, highlighting your curves to the max.

Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings
If you're looking to add a subtle yet stylish touch to your appearance, stud earrings are an excellent choice.

Whether sparkly diamond like studs or sleek black dumbbell type earrings, they add a hint of personality and edge to any outfit.

Start with a small stud and experiment with different sizes and styles to find what works best for you. Remember to keep it understated and choose earrings that complement your overall look without overpowering it.

Oh and where men only ever wore an earring in one ear in the past, wearing them in both ears is becoming ever more popular. But if you're not ready for that, your left ear is the masculine side.

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