Jewelry deception

It is shocking, the deception out there, when it comes to jewelry!

I came across a website selling 18k gold pendant necklaces for $20. If they were 18k gold at that price, I'd buy them all myself, 10 x the price and sell them here and you'd still be getting a bargain! 

But what you'll actually be getting from them is a zinc alloy pendant and stainless steel necklace, with a thin layer of gold plating.

Sadly, that is just one example of what we see all the time. 

Fortunately there's hope. We are striving to create an oasis where you know that whatever you read is 100% accurate.

Whatever we tell you something is made of, it IS made of. It is not plated, it is solid. (Unless of course it is a plated piece, in which case we clearly state it).

We don't have any solid gold jewellery. That's currently above our jewellery price point. Maybe in the future, who knows? But if we do venture into gold, sorry, there won't be any pieces at anywhere near $20!!!

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