09. Diamond Titbits

We ain't got nothing with diamonds, but I thought these were cool little facts about them, so why not?

Only 1 in 1 million mined diamonds make it into jewelry.

The largest diamond ever found was 3106 Karats. 1.33 pounds in weight. It is called the Cullinan diamond. It was later cut into 9 big and 100 smaller pieces. 8 of the big ones are in Queen Elizabeth II's collection. The biggest of the stones is called The Great Star Of Africa and is 530 Karats.

The most expensive diamond ever sold, called Graff Pink, because of it's pink color, sold at Sotheby's for $46,200,000 in 2010.

You think your diamond is new, don't you? Hate to disappoint you, but its 3.3 billion years old! Diamonds are believed to have been formed during Earth's heavy bombardment of asteroids.

Whilst diamonds are very hard and only a diamond can scratch a diamond, due to it's hardness, don't take your hammer to one. They are hard but they are not strong, and will shatter!

To find 1 Karat of diamond, 250 tones of Earth have to be mined.

Did you know there are red diamonds?
If you want one, you better have deep pockets. Only 30 have ever been found, the biggest being 5.11 Carats. The others are all much smaller and one of them recently sold for $8,000,000.

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