05 - How to make cappuccino at home

Zuringa Cappucchino

Using a moka coffee maker.

First the coffee....

1. Grind your beans almost as fine as you would for espresso. (A couple of clicks back on a hand grinder).

2. Fill the bottom of your moka pot to just below the valve. Bring the water almost to the boil. Turn off the heat. (If the water is pre-heated, you get a better brew).

3. Put the grounds in the moka filter basket. Screw the top on and turn the heat back on.

4. As soon as it has percolated, run the moka pot under cold water for a few seconds to stop the brewing process and prevent bitterness.

5. Half fill your cup with the coffee.

Now the milk....

1. Heat some full fat milk, but do not boil it. 

2. Froth the milk by whatever means you prefer.

3. Pour it on your coffee.

You now have a homemade cappucchino!

Get experimental with chocolate flakes, chocolate syrup, whipped cream. Be a devil!


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