02 - How to make a perfect cup of coffee

Using the pour over method.

1. Measure your beans and water according to the instructions on your pack of coffee beans. Since different coffees require different amounts, I can't help you with this step.

2. Grind your beans. The key to the perfect cup of coffee is in the grind. That is why the cheapest grinder you will find at Zuringa is close to the $100 mark, as a precision grinder is required. 

Skimp on your grinder and you waste your expensive coffee beans! Again, your coffee pack will tell you the grind setting for your chosen blend.

How to make a perfect cup of coffee

If it doesn't, your grounds should be fine enough that they look like powder, but have a gritty feel to them. It may take a little trial and error, but it's worth it.

3. Put your filter in your pour over coffee maker. Add about a fifth of your ground coffee. Using your drip kettle, which should be just off the boil, pour just enough water to cover the grounds. Wait 30 seconds before slowly pouring in the rest of the water.

4. Wait a further 3 minutes, then serve.

Pour over coffee makers

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